Ivory Rug

When it comes to pure beauty, you can’t do much better than an Indian rug, and some of the most outstanding examples are ivory Indian rugs, with a floral design on an ivory background.

Indian carpets, in general, are remarkably rich, with a huge range of styles and patterns. Usually, you see Indian rugs in red with blue and yellow accents, and certainly, this is a very pleasing effect. But for sheer visual impact, there is little to compare with an ivory Indian rug.

History of Ivory Indian Rugs

As just stated, red is the usual background color for Indian rugs. There’s little to compare, though, with the effect of deep red on an ivory Indian rug. You might be surprised, too, to know that early rug makers thought of this effect long before it came into popularity.

Hand-knotted Indian rugs with ivory backgrounds were actually being made long ago because rug makers understood the effect of bold, rich colors on a pale background. They used floral designs as well as animal figures and hunting scenes on ivory backgrounds long before such a thing caught on in the modern world. As far back as the 1500s, ivory Indian rugs were very popular.

What is the Appearance of Ivory Indian Rugs?

The appearance of ivory Indian rugs is such that vibrant, bright colors work as accents, not as the main focus. On an ivory Indian rug, the background is expansive and pure ivory. Floral elements and enhancements are minimal, occupying only the center and the edges of the rug. The overall effect is elegant and yet understated.

In some examples of ivory Indian rugs, metallic threads may be used as enhancements. This is often the case when the rugs are used to dress up a church or cathedral.

How to Care for Your Ivory Indian Rug

Indian rugs, particularly those with colors like ivory that can show stains so easily, require special care. And if there are metallic threads in the carpet, even greater care is warranted. At NYCleaners, we’re well versed in all types of ivory Indian rugs and can help you to ensure that yours lasts a long time and looks great.