Amitsar Rug

This is the type of carpet that contains both beauty and functionality. It is steeped in culture and calming in color. For a rug that won’t disappoint, try an Amritsar. For more on Amritsar rugs origins and form, read on.

Where do Amritsar Rugs Come From?

These carpets were first created in India, in Amritsar, not far from the Kashmir area. They were very original and rather than going with the popular patterns of the time, they saw into the rug future, so to speak. Since many orders were pouring in from the America and Europe alike, the Amritsar people decided to cater to that need. They formed designs that spoke of these western ideals.

What is the appearance of Amritsar Rugs?

An Amritsar rug is unique in its shapes and hues. The tones used in the design are reds, greens, blues, browns and oranges. None too bright – they are all muted for a more naturalistic affect. You can imagine the soothing reaction that can occur if they are placed in a room.

What Amritsar Rugs are made of?

These carpets are made of cotton and wool. The wool is soft and thick, creating a pampered effect if stepped on. They certainly make one feel as if they are at the height of riches and splendor. Cotton and wool are durable, so they may be good for carpeting.


The way these rugs came to be speaks of a time of change and wonder. They certainly evoke a sense of both past and present, and are ideal for homes. To keep them soft and comforting, always maintain regular cleaning appointments with Smart Choice Carpet. Magically bringing history and today together, the Amritsar rug’s gorgeous patterns will not soon fade.