Decorative Indian Rugs

Decorative Indian Rug

India is one of the foremost sources when it to rugs, be they antique or modern. Beautiful decorative Indian rugs have pleased discerning homeowners the world over for literally centuries, even when global political conditions made exporting problematic. Despite difficult circumstances, though, including invasions from other countries, craftspersons in India still managed to maintain a presence in the global textile industry.

History of Decorative Indian Rugs

As early as the 1600s, Indian craftspersons were creating beautiful textiles and carpets. Woven, embroidered and printed rugs all came out of India and were prized by even British royalty.

Later on, in the Art Deco era, Indian designers contributed strong colors and rich styling in carpets that furnished opulent Victorian homes. Decorative Indian rugs were more than just carpets – they were works of art.

What are Decorative Indian Rugs Made Of?

Decorative Indian rugs were usually made of cotton, wool and silk. Sometimes, metallic threads are used in brocades. Dyed fabrics. Usually in red or blue with accents of green, purple, black or yellow are also employed.

Decorative Indian rugs have historically been prized simply because they offer a “style upgrade” to virtually any dwelling that can’t be matched by any other type of floor covering. That’s why they’ve been in use for literally thousands of years.

Good to Know About Decorative Indian Rugs

Decorative Indian rugs are incredibly versatile, and some even qualify as collectors’ items. If you have an Indian rug that was made between 1950 and 1960, then although it might not be considered a priceless antique, if you wanted to sell it on eBay, you could probably expect to command at least several hundred dollars.


Decorative antique rugs, regardless of their potential value (which could be a little or a lot, depending on where and when they were made) are wonderfully attractive and can create an inviting, warm atmosphere in your home. If it’s true, as has often been said, that a rug is “the soul of the room,” then our opinion is that a decorative Indian rug provides soul in a huge way.