Agra rugs are well-known collector items and excellent for floor carpets in homes, offices, and libraries. They are sturdy and can handle everyday walking traffic with ease. They have a wide variety of sizing options, as well. For more information on the details and care of Agra rugs, read on. Also included will be information about their value.

Where do Agra Rugs come from?

As their namesake would suggest, Agra rugs are Indian carpets made in Agra. They incorporate many different shapes and styles. Some of the designs included might be greenery or floral scenes, animals and humans. They are beautiful and creatively done, making perfect patterns for many a carpeted room.

What are Agra Rugs made of?

Today, many cheap imitation carpets are made to look real. These were made in modern times and are nowhere near as valuable. However, Agra rugs from the 19th century are considered at least partially antique and are incredibly desired investments. Many a collector will want to add one to their supply of treasures.

Good to know about Agra Rugs

Agra carpets make some of the best rugs for foot traffic because their material is so strong and can hold up to all the movement. They are also a rug that can be made in many colors. The hues range from the common blues and reds to light purples and even gold. 

Agra carpets are not only enticing and artistically designed, they are also functional pieces that add expression and comfort to any room. Use Cleaning Services of NYC to keep your Agra rug looking fresh.

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