Tribal Moroccan Rug

Tribal Rug

Where do Tribal Moroccan Rugs Come From?

Tribal Moroccan rugs make up a large group of different styles and traditions. Typically, they are produced according to techniques passed down among generations, and because they have been typically made by the women of the tribes, they pass on different designs and patterns, too. They were originally made specifically for domestic use, such as flooring, bedding and blankets for humans and horses.

It is said that women wove the stories of their lives into their rugs, and filled them with the colors and symbols that had the most meaning and significance. The designs could include everything from dense geometric patterns and bold stripes to more figural forms and concepts. They ranged from monochrome patterns of vibrant or pale hues to many colored designs.


What Tribal Moroccan Rugs are Made Of

No matter what sort of Tribal Moroccan rug you are talking about, it is the end result of many hours of time consuming and intense work

Whether you are describing Berber, Beni Ourain or other tribes, the rugs were usually made with hand spun wool taken from a tribe’s large herds of sheep, though you might also find some made with camel hair.

All featured natural, vegetable or mineral dyes and it is believed that even today the many Tribal Moroccan rugs are also some of the most eco-friendly. Tightly woven or hand tied, they are also incredibly durable. They are perfectly suited to floors and areas of heavy traffic, but as they are also forms of fine art, they can be used to cover furniture and as wall art.

How to Care for Tribal Moroccan Rugs

Regardless of the style of Tribal Moroccan rugs you choose, you need to care for them properly. 

 This means never using a vacuum with brushes but limiting exposure to suction alone. Vacuum to remove dust and debris, but do so slowly and gently.

If you have questions or concerns about your Tribal Moroccan, NYCleaners can give you the answers you need.