Beni Ourain Moroccan Rug

Where Do the Beni Ourian Moroccan Rugs Come From?

As their name tells us, the Beni Ourian Moroccan rugs come from Morocco. Their origins are in the Atlas Mountains, where roughly 17 different Berber tribes come together to make up the Beni Ourain peoples. Known for their excellence in raising sheep and producing beautiful wool, they are also responsible for the gorgeous Beni Ourian Moroccan rugs. This is why the rugs so often feature patterns and designs known for being especially relevant to daily tribal life.


What Beni Ourian Moroccan Rugs are Made Of

Using the high grade wool from their large flocks of mountain and low land sheep, the tribal people also use all natural dyes such as almond leaves, indigo, henna, iron sulfate and others to create gorgeous rugs emphasizing geometric lines and abstract forms against a snowy white background. Some have woolen fringes and all are made entirely of the natural wool from the tribally raised sheep.

Often described as folk art, they are crafted of fine wool and require gentle handling when cleaning. However, they are strong enough to be used in low traffic areas of the home or other areas of flooring, but are often fine enough to serve as wall art.

How to Care for Beni Ourian Moroccan Rugs

With its shaggy texture, you cannot use a standard vacuum with rotating brush or beater bar. You can use the suction-only vacuums that will never tear, fray or shred the delicate strands of natural wool.

Use a gentle hand with the rug, and always vacuum slowly. Of course, a valuable item like a Ben Ourian Moroccan rug should only be handled by people who know what they’re doing, so if you need to have your Beni Ourian Moroccan rug cleaned, contact a pro. 

At NYCleaners, we know how to treat valuable rugs and can assure you keep yours in the best shape possible.