Primitive Moroccan Rug

Primitive Rug

Where do Primitive Moroccan Rugs Come From?

Rugs have been produced in Morocco for centuries, and the different tribal peoples of the Atlas Mountains stand as the most common makers of the rugs. Typically, it is the job of the women of the tribes to spin the wool of the tribal sheep and weave it into rugs. It is said that every woman will weave the story of her life into her rugs, and that means that you find amazing diversity in the looks, colors, designs and even techniques with which the rugs are made.

You can find vintage and antique rugs as well as modern rugs – and all of them come directly from the skilled artisans who have been making them for centuries. Specific patterns and designs are usually passed on from generation to generation, helping you identify where your primitive Moroccan rug might have originated.


What Primitive Moroccan Rugs are Made Of

The primitive Moroccan rugs don’t vary much from some of the most modern designs. This is due to the fact that techniques and patterns have not altered much over the centuries. Depending upon the tribal origin, your rug might use denser pile and a pale color accented by dark and richly hued lines. You might also have the densely woven kilim styles with all kinds of geometric prints and bolder hues.

Primitive rugs also use the same natural wool and vegetable or mineral dyes in use today. Because of that, most will have hues that have aged nicely and only dimmed or faded to a small degree. The patterns and textures will still be apparent and readable.

How to Care for Primitive Moroccan Rugs

Any Moroccan rug, including a primitive rug, needs to be cleaned with a gentle hand. If you own a Primitive Moroccan rug, or plan to, NYCleaners is here to help you keep it looking like new. Your rug will maintain its durability for years to come.

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