Alpujarra Rugs

For beauty and brightness, the Alpujarra carpet is excellent. It shows off both history and creativity with its designs. They are lovely to hang or spread, and have rich origins. Read on for more details on Alpujarra rugs and why they are desired.


Where do Alpujarra Rugs Come From?

Alpujarra rugs are of Spanish descent, coming from the Alpujarra mountains, as their name suggests. This area is located south of the Granada area. They were created mainly in the 1500s-1900s. Their culture invites all who have a love for travel and gorgeous lands.

What are Alpujarra Rugs made of?

These carpets are created primarily from linen and wool. This makes them rough to the touch. Generally, only a couple of colors are used within each rug. Possibly three, including the trim. These hues are rich and deep, creating beautiful shapes that speak of quaint village eras or folk times.

Hanging an Alpujarra Rug on the Wall

Since their structure makes them a little unsuitable for the heavy foot traffic they might receive if laying on a floor, these carpets are often hung on walls or spread out. Their patterns are intriguing and lively, charming many a viewer. You will certainly be able to enjoy your carpet for many years if it hangs on a wall. Be sure to still get it regularly maintained by experts, however.


As always, all carpets look best when handled by our trained teams at Smart Choice Carpets. Your rugs life and beauty will be much extended. This way, you and your family can enjoy the loveliness of your Alpujarra carpet for years to come. Deep history, stories, and vibrant décor accompany this piece of art.