For some, nothing but the best will do. There are many types of antique rugs out there, but if you want to combine history, beauty and intrigue all in one, an Alcaraz rug is perfect. These carpets are valuable and originals make lovely antique pieces. The rest of this article will explain the origins and details of Alcaraz rugs, and why they are a great addition to any collection.


The history of Alcaraz Rugs

The origins of Alcaraz rugs come from Spain, and their start in history was quite unique. Up until the very early 15th century, weavers stuck to middle eastern roots when creating carpets. However, with the turn of the century, shapes from Europe gained popularity, creating new ideas. These rugs are generally thought to be made in southern Castile.

How Alcaraz Rugs looks like?

Due to the exile of the Moors from the Spanish area, many weavers began taking cues from the popular European areas. Their styles included greenery and animalistic designs. The colors were no longer bright, but dulled to greens and yellows. They are likely excellent wall pieces because of their unique beginnings.

How to care for Alcaraz Rugs?

Depending on whether your rug is an original or a replica, you may choose to hang it or have it as an artistic carpet in your home. If the former, it will likely only collect moderate dust and be safe from spills. If the latter, frequent vacuuming and avoidance of stains will be necessary.


As always, regular cleaning and maintenance with Smart Choice Carpet are highly recommended to extend the life of your rug. Alcaraz rugs come in different designs and may be from many points of history, but much care and effort still goes into each piece. Treat yours well, and it will last a lifetime.