We clean ABC Rugs with expertise! If you are fortunate enough to own a handmade, Oriental or Persian rug, you will have an appreciation of the time and care that went into its creation. Hand knotted Oriental rugs probably represent the highest example of rug art, and often take months to complete. NYCleaners  has a complete understanding of the needs of all Oriental rugs and can provide the care for your prized rug requires.


Rug Is an Art

NYCleaners offers years of experience in providing safe & effective cleaning for ABC rugs.  Whatever the age of your rug, our team can restore its beauty safely, using green cleaning products that will cause no harm to natural fibers.

Oriental rugs add a touch of elegance to any room, but as with any floor covering, they will become dirty over the course of time. Even if special care is taken to prevent dirt from getting on the rug, air pollution and household dust will eventually take a toll. Heirloom rugs displayed on the wall will also become dingy with the passage of time, and will require professional cleaning services.

When the time comes for your rug to be serviced, we will take it to our state-of-the-art facility for a complete, but gentle, cleaning. Our cleaning process will remove every bit of grime from your rug as well as any stains. 

Because handmade Oriental rugs are generally made with natural fibers, such as wool or silk, special care must always be taken to be certain that the cleaning agents used will not cause damage to either the pile or the backing.

Green Cleaning Agents

Unlike harsh, chemical carpet cleaners that can damage the fibers or even alter the color of a rug, when we clean an ABC rug we use only natural, organic products. Cleaners based on natural substances have been found to be just as effective as potentially damaging products, without causing harm of any kind to the rug. Solvents and cleaners based on petrochemicals simply will not be used, making the carpet safe for your home environment.

NYCleaners will make a complete evaluation of your Oriental rug’s cleaning needs and choose the appropriate green cleaning solution for it. Because we rely on a superior line of safe, organic cleaning agents, there is no need to cover up chemical odors with strong fragrances created in a laboratory – your rug will have only a fresh, clean scent when it is returned to your home.

As a result your carpets will smell wonderful, they will feel softer, they will look new, and your family will be protected from the allergens, bacteria, and mildew found in carpets. NYCleaners offers you the highest quality carpet cleaning serivces in New York!