Antique rugs are rightly esteemed and respected for their age and their beauty. Often called ‘Oriental’ rugs, these rugs were made mostly in the Middle to Far East. Created perhaps hundreds of years ago, these rugs show the work of dedicated artisans of the past. Natural fibers were used in making these rugs; wool, silk, goat hair, cotton, or any combination thereof. It is these natural materials, including the plant-based natural dyes used, that makes cleaning these rugs a real art.


Protecting Your Antique Rug

One of the most important things you can do to protect the value and beauty of your antique rug is to make certain that it is cleaned on a regular basis. Antiques used on the floor will, of course, be subject to dirt carried in on the feet as well as spills of pet accidents, but rugs used as wall hangings can also become soiled and dirty from dust and pollution. Dirt of any kind not only dulls the appearance of the rug, but chews away at the fibers and backing. Antique rugs often present a considerable investment, and are likely to increase in value in the future – it only makes sense to protect that investment by using the services of NYCleaners.

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