Rugs from India are renowned for the intricacy of their patterns and their vibrant colors. Generally made with hand-knotted yarn, these rugs can present some challenges when Indian rug cleaning is required. The pile on Indian rugs is either wool or silk, but the backing, which formed the foundation on the loom, is cotton. 

Fortunately, NYCleaners is fully equipped to deal with natural fibers of any kind, and any combination thereof.

The wool or silk that is used for Indian rugs is also dyed by hand, lending a unique quality to the rugs.

The Art of Cleaning Indian Rugs

In order to safely, but effectively, clean rugs made of natural fibers, and to preserve the quality of the colors, a high level of experience and the right cleaning products are required. Harsh chemical cleaners can damage both the rug fibers and the backing, which is why we use only green cleaning agents for your rug. We follow a step-by-step process to provide the highest quality Indian rug cleaning.

Our technicians are trained to understand exactly how to handle Indian rug cleaning so that your rug will be returned to you in excellent condition. Cleaning rugs made of natural fibers is a very demanding and exacting process, as care must be taken to prevent the colors from running and to preserve the softness of the rug itself.

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NYCleaners has customer service representatives available now to answer any questions you may have about our services. Call or email us for a free estimate on Indian rug cleaning.

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 4 reviews
byDavid B. onNYCleaners
The rug is now absolutely stunning again

A family friend got us an Indian rug after his visit to India. It was such nicely made that I have no choice to get it cleaned instead of giving it away. I was looking for a fabulous service for the job & found NYC Cleaners. The rug is now absolutely stunning again.

byJessica N. onNYCleaners
They work effectively, and are amazingly cautious with my antique family legacy

I have been taking my Indian rugs to the super trained individuals at NYC Cleaners for more than 5 years. They work effectively, and are amazingly cautious with my antique family legacy. I, definitely, wouldn't consider calling anybody other than NYC for rug cleaning services!

byLisa A. onNYCleaners
This is the best rug cleaning store around

Try not to call around, this is the best rug cleaning store around. They'll get your rug in hours and bring it back looking like new. My pets caused a few significant catastrophes for a fleece rug and this staff got the stains and scents out. It returned delicate, lightened and with no rug cleaning smell. I appreciate the best service at such affordable price.

byAshley R. onNYCleaners
NYC Cleaners made a wonderful job

NYC Cleaners made a wonderful job on 50-year-old Indian rugs of incredible nostalgic worth. I'll be back - I have one more Turkish one that is gravely needing cleaning!