Soot, dirt, and dust can all contribute to making your Pakistani rug look dull and grimy. These hand-knotted wool or silk rugs are renowned for their geometric and floral designs, and add dignity as well as beauty to the home. Keeping these rugs clean, and helping to assure their long life, makes Pakistani rug cleaning an absolute necessity. At NYCleaners, we are prepared to assist in keeping your valued rug in good condition.

Why Choose Our Service?

You have obviously made a significant investment in your Pakistani rug, so the cleaning service you choose is important. In order to adequately clean a rug of this kind, extensive knowledge of fibers as well as cleaning agents is a necessity. NYCleaners ‘understands’ the specific needs of these valuable rugs and will be able to clean them effectively and safely.


Chemically based cleaning solutions do more harm than good when treating natural fiber carpets; the harsh compounds can degrade both carpet fibers and the backing.

 You can rest assured that we use products that will clean completely, but gently – organic, green cleaning products are the answer, and are the only thing that we use.

Combine this with our know-how, and your Pakistani rug will be returned to you looking fresher and brighter.

There’s No Reason to Wait

Our customer service representatives are on call right now to help you schedule a visit and free estimate for Pakistani rug cleaning. You will find that our rates are reasonable, so don’t delay.