Unlike many Oriental rugs, Turkish rugs can either be hand-knotted or flat-woven. Whether you own an antique rug, or one that has been made recently, you will want to be assured that the Turkish rug cleaning service you choose will clean your carpet safely. In general, traditional rugs are made from natural fibers, such as silk, cotton, or wool, and feature geometric or stylized floral patterns. The colors of these rugs can be quite intense; you will want a cleaning process that will retain these colors with no fading or running of dyes.

The art of Cleaning a Turkish Rug

NYCleaners understands exactly how to clean Turkish rug safely. Natural fibers and dyes tend to make the rug somewhat delicate, so it’s important that care is taken when dealing with this type of carpet.

  • Our technicians are knowledgeable in how to safely handle a Turkish carpet during the entire cleaning process.
  • We use cleaning agents based on organic sources – these are chosen to provide a thorough, but gentle cleaning to your carpet, with nothing that could damage fibers.
  • Your carpet will be picked up at your home and returned to you within a short period of time; it will be clean and smell fresh.

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