Relying heavily on geometric patterns, and often the colors found in the desert, Moroccan rugs provide a unique and special touch to the home – until they become dirty. Nothing detracts from the beauty of one of these rugs like ground in dirt. Not only is dirt unattractive, it also destroys your wool rug as the particles of grime act like sandpaper on the fibers and backing, wearing it out quickly. 


NYCleaners offers the best Moroccan rug cleaning in the metropolitan region, to clean and restore the appearance of your rug.

What Makes Us the Best

When it’s time to have your Moroccan rug cleaned, you want to be certain that it will be treated properly, and this is exactly what our service is known for:


  • Our experienced and knowledgeable staff understands exactly how to clean a Moroccan rug without damaging it.
  • Green cleaning products not only leave your rug smelling fresh, without any chemical odors, they are designed to be gentle but thorough to clean without damage to the rug in any way.
  • We pick up your rug, treat it at our facility, and return it to your home, clean and sparkling.

NYCleaners is the name that should come to mind immediately when you require Moroccan rug cleaning.

We offer convenience, service, courtesy, and experience to make cleaning your rug as easy as possible.

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