Any household lucky enough to have Persian handmade rugs on the floor understands how important it is to keep these rugs clean. Handmade rugs are fashioned by skilled artisans who knot wool strands on a loom to create the incredible colors and patterns that these rugs display. Unlike rugs that come from commercial looming machines, handmade rugs take months, or even years, to complete. The size of the rug and complexity of the pattern will determine the length of time involved in making it.

However, as with any floor covering, handmade rug cleaning will be required at some point. Not only will the colors of the rug be dulled by grime, but the fibers of the rug can be damaged, leading to worn spots and holes. In addition to dirt that has been tracked in, your handmade Oriental rug could also be harboring flea eggs, animal dander, and dust mites. Stains such as pet urine or beverage and food stains can mar the beauty of the rug.

Organic Cleaning Products

A handmade wool rug needs to be treated quite differently than would one made of polyester or other synthetic materials. Upon examining your rug we will determine which cleaning method will provide the safest and most thorough cleaning. Because we use organic, green cleaning products your handmade Oriental rug will sustain no damage during cleaning and will be returned to you not only beautifully clean, but smelling fresh.

Depending upon the condition of the rug, we might use dry cleaning or pressurized hot water to clean your rug. In many ways, our cleaning process mimics the way handmade rugs are cleaned in their countries of origin , where these rugs are washed in traditional ways.


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