Silk or wool Chinese rugs display a high diversity of style and pattern, but regardless their design or age, they all share one thing in common – all of them can become badly soiled. Rugs used as floor coverings will be exposed to foot traffic, pet accidents, and spills, but even those used as wall decoration can still be subject to dust and indoor pollution. Dirt and grime grind against the backing and fibers, causing your rug to wear out more quickly.

A Quality Cleaning Service

If you’ve noticed that your Chinese rug has started to look dingy and dull, it’s time to call NYCleaners. We are experts at providing care that will restore the color and brightness of your rug. Chinese rug cleaning involves knowing how to treat natural fibers successfully without damaging them in the process.

We first inspect your rug to determine exactly which fibers are involved, and then proceed with the cleansing process using safe and effective organic cleaners.

Rinsing and drying are also carried on to preserve the appearance and flexibility of your rug (inappropriate cleaning, rinsing, and drying can result in a rug that is literally ‘stiff as a board’).

 Once your rug is dry and has been inspected once again, we will return it to your home.

The Best Care For Your Chinese rug

If you’ve noticed that Chinese rug cleaning is needed, don’t hesitate to call NYCleaners. We are here to provide the highest quality rug services at the best prices. Call today for a free estimate.

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