If your home is graced with a Caucasian rug, antique or modern, you will want to make sure that it is kept in good condition. Caucasian rugs feature geometric patterns or designs of stylized birds, with both modern and antique rugs using muted colors with splashes of brighter accents. Hand-knotted of wool, sometimes with a backing made of goat hair or cotton, the natural fibers of these rugs demands that Caucasian rug cleaning is carried out only by cleaning services that can provide quality treatment for your rug. In this respect, you can rely on NYCleaners to treat your rug with the respect and care it deserves.

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Intensive knowledge of fibers is necessary if a Caucasian rug is to be properly cleaned. Older wool rugs will need the most delicate of care when being treated, and our staff is experienced in the art of cleaning rugs of this type. 


  • Besides using organic, natural cleaning agents, it is equally important to understand how the rug must be rinsed and dried to assure its integrity.
  • Our skilled technicians will handle your rug with the care it requires so that when it is returned to you, your treasured rug will look fresh and glowing.

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