A beautiful Afshar rug can be the crowning jewel for collectors, or a work of art to grace a building or home. Their rich history makes them a well-known and sought for carpet. Read on to learn more about Afshar rugs origins and how to handle them in the present. They are fine pieces and their maintenance and everyday use will also be discussed.


Where do Afshar Rugs Come From?

Afshar rugs are woven by the Afshar tribe, once much more prominent, but now located mostly in Azerbaijan and Kuchan land. The deep community bonds and rich appreciation for nature that is so valued by the Afshar tribes is reflected in their work. These hard-working people show their resourcefulness in the materials used to make their carpets. Which brings us to the next point.

What are Afshar Rugs made of?

The Afshar rugs are made of wool taken from the sheep herded by their own tribes. You now understand their resourcefulness! The tribal people take deep pride in their work and it is reflected in the details of the carpets. They often have square or circular shapes in the rugs, or flowers. There are many other unusual designs, as well.

How to care for Afshar Rugs?

Afshar rugs are obviously worth much due to their scarcity and craftsmanship. It is extremely important that they are admired for what they are. 

Although they make excellent room carpets, their designs are so beautiful that some prefer to display them on a wall. To keep your rug in prime condition, vacuum gently and often, clean spills quickly and without harsh chemicals, and be sure to get it routinely maintained with Cleaning Services NYC.