Authentic Pakistani Rugs

Where Do the Authentic Rugs of Pakistan Come From?
Did you know that some of the very first use of looms and weaving occurred in the area we now know as modern Pakistan? The Indus Valley has been producing woven textiles for centuries, and authentic rugs of Pakistan have come out of this area for just as long! Today, it is the heart of the hand knotted rug world, and Pakistan in general is covered with major centers producing all kinds of handmade rugs in the many traditional styles and designs. Many of the rugs take their names from the tribes and peoples or regions in which they were produced. This is why you will find rugs such as Bokharas and Lahores as well as Caucasian and Jaldars from Sarouk.


What the Authentic Pakistani Rugs are Made Of

Generally, all of the authentic rugs of Pakistan are made of premium quality wool. These are often handspun wools dyed with natural, vegetable dyes, but you will also find many premium weavers using synthetically dyed wool to ensure color fastness and longevity for the buyers who use the rugs. Patterns vary widely but most incorporate geometrics, florals, rows and knots.

How to Care for Authentic Rugs of Pakistan

As you might guess, any authentic rug of Pakistan is handmade and requires a bit of additional care that a machine made rug will not. The real difference is in the way that you remove dirt or debris from the rugs. If your authentic rug of Pakistan needs deep cleaning, you’re best advised to call a pro.

You don’t want to ruin something that could become a valuable family heirloom. At NYCleaners, we know how to care for authentic rugs of Pakistan, so if you need us, we’re there for you.