Turkmen Rug

Turkoman rugs are known for deep, rich colors and detailed patterns. You might think that this would mean these rugs are well-suited to an ornate décor, but the opposite is actually true – because Turkoman rugs are so bold and detailed, it’s best to use one as a focal point in a room where the other elements are fairly plain.

Where Do Turkoman Rugs Come From?

In the beginning, Turkoman rugs were made only in Afghanistan. However, as Afghanis immigrated into Persia and Turkey, they often brought along rugs to sell in the marketplace, and soon Turkoman rugs became popular in those areas as well. As might be expected, the Turkish people also began making this type of rug, albeit with a few variations.

What is the Appearance of Turkoman Rugs?

It’s easy to identify a Turkoman rug, since there are three characteristics that are common. First, the background color will range from red to reddish-brown. If the rug you’re considering has any other background color, then it’s not a Turkoman. Second, the pattern will always be predominantly geometric. And finally, each and every Turkoman rug features an octagonal gul motif. When a Turkoman rug is unrolled, you can see the full pattern that the various guls create on the background. Most of the time, you’ll see smaller guls interspersed between the major, repeated rows, so that the entire rug is crowded with guls.  Color contrast is created using threads of black, blue, white and beige.

Even though all Turkoman rugs feature guls, in the beginning, no two would ever be exactly alike. Weavers came from different tribes, and each one had a preference for certain variations. However, over time, different tribes began “borrowing” from other styles. In some latter-day Turkoman rugs, you can still see the influence of various tribes.

How to Care for Turkoman Rugs?

Turkoman rugs require specialized care, if you expect to be able to pass them on to your children or grandchildren. At NYCleaners, we have expert staff who are well-versed in the care and maintenance of valuable rugs, so if you have questions, or need a professional treatment, get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to assist you.

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