Types of Oriental Rugs

Oriental Rug Collections

Do you love oriental rug collections? Some types stand out above the rest, claiming the world’s attention. Whether you want general knowledge, or specifics about a carpet, this section will cover all you the information you need about oriental rug types, rug collections, and oriental rug styles. Here’s a look at what’s to come.

Turkish Rug Collection

This timeless antique has quite the mysterious background. With a look of great distinction and many possible origins, this all-encompassing style has captured many a heart over the centuries. It is woven together from a wool and cotton blend, and is a fabulous conversation starter when placed in any room.

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Caucasian Rug Collection

Hailing from the Caucasus Mountains, these unique creations point to times in history where collaboration was essential. They contain sleek shapes and are interesting because of the various materials used in the making, although wool was a major contributor. Today, we see them as exceptionally artistic cultural pieces.

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Indian Rug Collection

The Indian carpet story is one of perseverance towards a goal and fascinating idealism. They share many characteristics with their Persian ancestors, and contain settings of incredible design and detail. These sturdy rugs are perfect for any location you can think of, be it office, home or library.

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Kashmir Rug Collection

These carpets are similar to the above collection, as Kashmir, India is their place of origin. Because of them, the European world became obsessed with obtaining these designs. They command a high price and can be created of silk or wool fabric. They maintain the status of individuality so loved by many.

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Persian Rug Collection

Iran is the creator of these fine carpets. People of various upbringings and backgrounds have woven them over the years, giving them a multi-cultural flair. Their weighty material makes.

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Moroccan Rug Collection

It is not hard to guess where they come from, by the time period is a little more difficult. Their creators were concerned with covering floors rather than beauty, although the Berber style lets us know that comfort was quite important! They come in various hues and make luxurious items for homes and offices.

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Pakistani Rug Collection

This carpet is marked by over 400 years of amazing history. It is not a style limited to one kind of rug, but instead has multiple designs. Pakistan still produces these lovely fabrics in our modern era. This collection is for the true appreciator of creativity and culture.

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Afghan Rug Collection

These treasured materials are brought to us from Afghanistan, or if not, then they are created by Afghan individuals. This style is known for its odd formations and settings, as well as having more than one use. Some designs are used as prayer rugs. These carpets are famous for telling stories.

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Bokhara Rug Collection

This creation from Uzbekistan is an ancient type of carpet, with hundreds of years of history behind it. The coloring is quite precise, containing much red, and some other cooler tones. They can also be used as prayer rugs, and maintain a delicate balance between antique and modern.

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Any of these collections would produce a gem for your home or office. Read the articles for each design to learn more about oriental rug styles.

Oriental Rugs Names

Although many kinds of rugs are considered beautiful and historical, not all are the same. There are many different types that come from various locations. We will go into more detail about these gorgeous carpets in the following articles, and here is some basic information to get you started. Please continue to read through our articles to gain the full backgrounds of each of these iconic pieces, and know that there are many more besides!

Agra Rugs

Genuine Agra rugs are considered antiques. These Indian carpets are made in Agra, as you might think. They are tough and can hold up to a lot of heavy walking and furniture, so they are quite often used as carpets.

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Alcaraz Rug

An Alcaraz rug is a beautiful antique. They begin their history in Spain, and have European designs, rather than the popular middle eastern ones of the era. Their shapes are mainly of nature and animals and they make gorgeous additions to any collection.

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Alpujarra Rugs

Alpujarra rugs hail from the Alpujarra mountain area, and are Spanish, as well. They usually contain only a few colors, and are best suited for wall hanging, as their linen structure is more delicate than other fabrics. They are both intriguing and historical works of art.

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Amritsar Rugs

The Amritsar carpet comes to us from India. The designs include coloring from nature and provide a serene appearance. When they first began, the makers desired to make carpets the western world would appreciate. Now, all the world sees their value.

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