Rug Cleaning
Upper East Side

Chances are that you have invested significantly in your Oriental rug. Whether you own a nearly priceless antique or a modern creation, you certainly want to keep your rug in the best possible condition, and this is precisely why those on the Upper East Side of Manhattan can depend on NYCleaners for all their rug cleaning needs. We can help you keep your Oriental rug looking beautiful and protect your investment.

Old and New Rugs Need Expert Care

Oriental rugs and carpets often use premier fibers such as wool and silk to provide the luster and beauty that only these natural products can provide. However, these fibers can easily be adversely affected by dirt and pollution, causing damage to the pile and backing, and often causing colors to fade.

 NYCleaners has the solution: regularly scheduled rug cleaning. 

Choosing us for your rug needs makes sense:

  • Our technicians understand rug fibers of all kinds.
  • Our gentle, but thorough, cleaning methods remove ground in dirt.
  • Regular cleaning leaves Oriental rugs looking brighter and more attractive.
  • Professional cleaning reduces the possibility of damage to your rug.
  • State-of-the-art equipment cleans your rug safely.

Oriental rug cleaning can be considered something of a work of art, so when your rug requires care, make sure you choose NYCleaners which offers experience, knowledge, and expertise for the Upper East Side. We offer you peace of mind as well as professional rug cleaning for your treasured possession.