Short for “North of Little Italy,” the community of Nolita is a slice of heaven in Downtown Manhattan! Living here keeps you close to several popular communities, but the community comes with an undeniable old-world charm thanks to narrow streets and lots of outdoor seating. Everyone knows each other, and the welcoming atmosphere is one of the first things that visitors notice about Nolita.

NYCleaning offers rug cleaning Nolita customers love! In this tight-knit community, word spreads fast. That’s good news for a company with an excellent reputation for service and selection. NYCleaners is the most requested area rug cleaner in the area because we provide consistent, superior results, and that’s something that people talk about!

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Area Rug Care for Your Clean and Beautiful Home Accent!

There are many reasons to have professionals clean and care for your valuable area rug. The obvious reason people call us is to restore the appearance of their rugs. That’s a great reason! Oriental rug cleaning Nolita customers receive from NYCleaners can fully restore the appearance of an aging or stained rug. In addition to cleaning, we can also restore damage to any type of area rug.

Another benefit of area rug cleaning is that your rug will be more sanitary and allergen-free after it undergoes our professional hot water extraction cleaning. Steam cleaning, as it’s sometimes called, will rid your area rug of pollen, pests, and dust – three things that can be making you sick without your knowledge.

When a service can improve the appearance and cleanliness of your home, why put it off any longer?

Fringe Care for Oriental and Persian Rugs

Area rugs almost always have fringe adorning the edges. Many people don’t realize that fringe is actually the ends of the warps that were used to hand knit the rug. If fringe gets damaged or if the knots loosen, the rug can start to unravel. These types of repairs are complex and expensive, but if you give your rug consistent care and attention, you can prevent fringe damage from becoming too severe.

Rug cleaning Manhattan customers need should include specific attention to the fringe. Repairing fringe damage is a tedious task that demands a high level of skill. There are only a few fringe repair pros in the entire Manhattan area, so you shouldn’t trust this job to just anyone.
Once the fringe is repaired, it needs to be cleaned carefully at home and professionally. Taking care not to vacuum the fringe so that it doesn’t get caught by your vacuum cleaner’s strong suction is a simple tip for protecting your rug’s fringe. Leave the cleaning to your expert team!

NYCleaners supplies the area rug cleaning Nolita customers have come to know and love. See what everyone is talking about! Our experts care for all types of rugs!