Rug Cleaning Flatiron District

The Flatiron District in Manhattan is aptly named after the Flatiron Building, that triangular building that has made an appearance in too many movies and television shows to count. Once known primarily as a commercial area, the Flatiron District now offers high-rise condos and apartment buildings with all the bells and whistles in a locale that is conveniently located to many NYC hot spots and access to many modes of public transportation.

NYCleaners has a strong presence in this community, with services that include rug repair and rug cleaning Flatiron District residents ask for by name! Call us today if you have a new or old area rug, and we’ll prove why we have an upstanding reputation with customers all over Manhattan. We clean hand-knotted Persian and Oriental rugs as well as many other kinds!

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What is Involved in Professional Rug Cleaning?

NYCleaners is one of a select few cleaners that can care for your rug from start to finish. We can provide rug cleaning Flatiron District customers search high and low for, services that begin and end at your front door!

Here’s what we mean:

  • We’ll come to your home to inspect the rug and give you a quote. This reduces the times that the rug is handled. If you are satisfied with your estimate, we’ll pack it up and transport it safely to our facility where the cleaning process can begin.
  • The first thing we do is vacuum the rug to remove excess dirt and dust, not to mention pests like moth larvae. No matter how much you vacuum at home, you’d be shocked to see how much debris comes out of area rugs that look clean! NYCleaners uses non-toxic cleaners and minimal amounts of water to clean area rugs so that they are always properly cared for, but we always keep Mother Nature in mind!
  • When we’re finished, the rug will be delivered right back to your home, in even better shape than before!

Caring for an Aging Rug

If you have been wondering about rug cleaning Manhattan residents depend on for a lifetime, we’re not surprised. As your rug ages, it will have different needs, and finding a company that can rise to the occasion time and time again isn’t an easy task!

Teams like NYCleaning can provide Oriental rug cleaning Flatiron District customers can rely on for the life of their rug. From the basic cleaning it will need in the beginning to spot removal and minor repairs later on, we have skilled, experienced team members who can handle all your rug’s needs when it is new and as it ages.

Time will take a toll on your Oriental rug if you do not care for it properly. Putting it in the hands of trained professionals every year or two will guarantee its appearance and structure will stand up to the test of time!

NYCleaning is the place to go for rug cleaning Flatiron District customers want! We use safe cleaners and offer fast, hassle-free service that will keep you coming back year after year!