Rug Cleaning Greenwich Village

There’s no denying that Greenwich Village is a great place to live because of its central location – close to downtown for work and play – but there are a lot of other reasons New Yorkers choose to live in the Village. You’ll find a few high risers, but most of the side street apartment buildings are throwbacks to a simpler time. Once considered edgy and hippy, Greenwich Village has become more mainstream over the past several years, seeing an influx of all types of residents.

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Caring for Fringed Oriental Rugs

Rug cleaning Manhattan customers demand always consists of special attention being given to the fringe on their Oriental rug. Fringe is often white or beige, so it shows dirt faster than the more colorful parts of your rug, and it is easily damaged by vacuum cleaners, pets, and foot traffic, just to name a few things. 

Proper care of your fringed Oriental rug will include an examination of the fringe to assess whether repairs need to be made.

Fringe is more than a decorative element; it’s actually the ends of the “bones” of your rug, hand-tied so that the whole thing doesn’t unravel.
Once fringe is repaired, the rug can be thoroughly cleaned. 

The rug cleaning Greenwich Village expects gets fringe bright and even again, so repairs and cleaning always go hand in hand!

How Often Should You Have Area Rugs Cleaned?

This is a question that we get a lot here at NYCleaners. There is no one answer, but basically, we recommend that area rugs are cleaned every year or every two years.
The main factor that determine how often you should clean your area rugs is the amount of foot traffic it receives, but even a rug that isn’t walked on very often can get dusty. This sets up a higher risk for dust mites and moths to feast on your rug because it is rarely disturbed.

We recommend that Oriental rug cleaning Greenwich Village pay hard-earned money for are professional and effective.

This means that your rug care team should be able to evaluate the condition of your rug and all extenuating circumstances to recommend an optimal cleaning schedule.
Of course, you will need to factor in additional costs, such as stain removal, when you are the owner of a valuable area rug. Stains should always be treated quickly by a professional so they have the best chance of being completely removed without damaging the fibers or fading the rug.

NYCleaners is the rug cleaning Greenwich Village can call on for any and all rug care needs. This includes repairs, cleaning and more! Don’t take the care of your Oriental rug lightly!