“You live where?” might be a question you’ve answered if you call Kips Bay home, and, chances are, you’re absolutely fine with it. Residents of Kips Bay are perfectly happy living in a little-known section of Manhattan. A peaceful oasis in the middle of Manhattan with waterfront access and close proximity to all the most popular spots in the city, Kips Bay is an underrated community for many different kinds of residents – and they hope to keep it that way!

If you are shopping for rug cleaning Kips Bay customers recommend by name, you’ve found it! NYCleaners is recommended most often by satisfied customers who want to share yet another secret with their Kips Bay friends and family – where to find the best rug care value and results!

How to Care for an Oriental Rug Between Cleanings

While we don’t recommend cleaning an Oriental rug yourself (keep reading to find out why) there are some really simple things you can do to keep your rug looking great between professional cleanings, plus these tips will make your annual cleanings more effective – a win-win!

Vacuuming your rugs frequently will prevent dust and dirt from settling in the fibers, a problem that can lead to hard-to-remove stains and unnecessary wear and tear on the tiny fibers. We also recommend that you rotate your rug every few months to prevent uneven wear and fading and to reduce the risk of wool moths destroying a hidden part of the rug that is disguised by furniture.

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Finally, blotting liquid stains as soon as they happen and having professional spot cleaning done in the event of accidents will prolong the life of your area rug!

Then, for Oriental rug cleaning Kips Bay can’t beat, call a pro like NYCleaning for thorough cleaning every 12-24 months. Ongoing care is necessary for valuable hand-made rugs!

Why Opt for Professional Cleaning?

This can be answered pretty simply: Oriental rugs and the like are too expensive to take chances with! Taking on the responsibility of cleaning a valuable – maybe even irreplaceable – hand-knotted rug is too risky, so we beg that you just don’t do it! Professional rug cleaning Manhattan needs for optimal results can only be done with specific equipment and products.

DIY products and non-standard cleaning methods can leave your rug faded, unevenly worn, or damaged.

You’ll still end up calling a pro to right the wrongs you’ve created, so why not let that call be your first step?
Even the way we handle your rug – the act of moving it from your home to our cleaning facilities and back again – can age it more than you might realize. Our team knows the ins and outs of rug care and has the equipment to do the job right, so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

For unbeatable rug cleaning Kips Bay customers love, there’s no better option than NYCleaners. We do it all, from rug restoration to routine cleaning. Call us for a convenient consultation!