Locals know that Noho – North of Houston – is a shopper’s dream, but that’s not all the former Warehouse District has to offer. It’s less crowded than Soho and the Village, but the commute to downtown isn’t too bad. A long history of housing artists of all kinds has translated into a very cool neighborhood with an eclectic mixture of lounges, theaters, unique shopping opportunities, and a variety of housing options as well.

If you have an area rug that you want to preserve for a lifetime – or longer – then you need NYCleaners! We are the area’s most trusted carpet cleaners for a reason. Reliable rug cleaning Noho customers want is efficient and affordable, not two things that you always find in the same company! When you want the very best, there’s no one else to call!

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Complete Clean for Your Area Rugs

Excellent Oriental rug cleaning Noho residents need to care for their expensive area rugs should cover everything from the pre-treatment of spots and stains to drying, pickup and delivery. There’s no excuse for area rug cleaning that leaves you wanting more.

When your rug is professionally cleaned, it will be repaired if any damage is present, and stains will be pre-treated so that we have a better chance of totally removing them in the all-over cleaning stage. These steps are a must if you want an amazing-looking area rug!

Not only should the service itself be 100% effective, but the way the company deals with you should also be a major part of your decision to work with them. There are too many quality rug care businesses in Manhattan to settle for anything less than what you expect.

Environmentally Friendly Carpet Cleaning is the Wave of the Future

Or, we should say, it’s the wave of today!

More and more customers specifically request green cleaning, so we have adjusted our services to meet that growing demand. Rug cleaning Manhattan customers trust is safe for the environment and for their homes as well!
To make sure we’re looking out for you and for Mother Nature, we use advanced cleaning methods that reduce the amount of water needed and employ plant-based cleaners, much like the ones that are available commercially. These products are chemical free, so they are safe for humans and animals.
In addition, thorough drying of your rug will ensure that no mold or mildew can take hold deep in the wool, cotton or silk fibers. This further protects you and the ones you love from respiratory problems caused by these common household irritants.

Eco-friendly rug cleaning Noho residents want are provided by NYCleaning. We are a full-service carpet cleaner that uses modern technologies to give you results you’ve come to expect from the best.