Carpet Cleaning East Village

Keeping your rugs and carpets clean in New York City is really not as difficult as you may think. As soon as you notice that your floor coverings are starting to look dull and dingy at your home in the East Village, don’t hesitate to call in NYCleaners for a consultation. Whether you have wall-to-wall carpeting or priceless antique Oriental rugs, we have the professional solution to your problems.

Why Professionalism Is Important

Rugs and carpets not only represent a significant investment on your part, they are also central to the appearance of your home. This is precisely why professional cleaning is so important.

  • A knowledge of fibers, especially naturals like wool and silk, is vital to preserving Oriental and handmade rugs.
  • State-of-the-art cleaning equipment will clean your rugs and carpets without causing damage.
  • Green cleaning products ensure that the cleaning process will be gentle, but also that every speck of dirt is removed. These products leave a fresh, natural scent.
  • Trained technicians provide the best carpet care.


Oriental Rug Repairs and Restoration

Professional cleaning is not the only service that NYCleaners provides; we go far beyond that and also offer:

  • Repairs to worn spots.
  • Restoration of damaged rugs, including re-knotting.
  • Expert dyeing.
  • Fringe repairs.

Care and preservation of carpets and rugs is our primary concern, and we our services are available to all residents of the East Village.