Why You Must Use Professionals for Antique Rug Repair


If you are working or living in an area with wall to wall carpeting, it is likely that you have your own “go to” methods for dealing with spills, stains, and potential damages. Modern carpeting is incredibly rugged and can withstand not only daily traffic, sun exposure and other hazards, but it can be easily repaired and restored. Antique rugs, on the other hand, are not that easily dealt with. In fact, if you have valuable and antique rugs in your home or office, their care, repair and general upkeep is best left to professionals.

How we clean your Tapestry rug?

When looking at an old and valuable or simply beautiful rug, it can be easy to think of it as simply a rug and forget that it is actually a carefully woven collection of threads (called warp and weft threads) and knots. A single hole or heavy wear along an edge can cause the rug to begin to unravel, and insects, water and exposure to chemicals or heavy wear can do the same.

The Tapestry Rug Restoration Process

After undergoing the cleaning process, tapestries are checked for any problem areas. They are set on a wood structure and our experts will examine every inch for coloring problems, ripped spots, snags and more. We rely on the expertise of our excellent team to get your piece back in the proper order and looking like new, whatever it takes. When your work of art is set back in its usual place of honor, it will be brighter, fresher and cleaner – guaranteed.

What Repairs Are Needed?

Repairing even a small hole is far more complex than most realize, and that is a main reason to turn to professionals for antique rug repair. Now, you must also keep in mind that not all professionals in antique rug repairs are the right fit for your needs. You might know of a group that offers such services, but they may actually be far more skilled with rug repairs on woolen rugs than on delicate silk rugs. They may not know about dyeing a rug safely but may be able to help restore fringe and fix holes. That means you want only to work with professionals that specialize in the rugs you have.

Each piece of equipment is highly advanced, and we are committed to keeping up with the current industry ideas. The organic products we use are safe for those who suffer from allergies, in addition to keeping our earth pure. We want you to be one hundred percent satisfied with your tapestry restoration, and in order to ensure this, we give attention to every detail, and treat you and your tapestry with all the respect you deserve. We go above and beyond with our client service, because what we care most about is that you are happy with the results we achieve.

How Is It Done?

How do these experts actually do antique rug repair? There are many methods used and it all depends on the damages that have occurred. Holes may be patched with similar materials, dyeing might be used for large areas of fading and weaving may be required to restore an edge or some areas of fringe. The key is to be sure you are working with a firm of professionals in antique rug repair that know all about your type of rug and emphasize the repairs your rug requires.

Keep in mind that there is a difference between repair and full restoration. If your rug has so many issues it needs restoration, be sure the firm has skilled weavers able to copy the knot pattern and techniques. This is going to be a costlier method than a simple, basic repair, but if it prolongs the life and beauty of your rug, it is worth it. As the experts say, almost any rug can be fixed if it is treated by a skilled professional AND kept away from risks in the future.

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