How Often Should You Clean Rugs?


Answering a question like the one posed above is a bit difficult because there are rugs like the modern day, wall to wall varieties that should be vacuumed at least once or twice per week and then steam cleaned on an as needed basis. This could be when they stain or when the seasons change and you know deep set debris is probably embedded in the pile. Then, there are rugs like valuable silk, Oriental, Persian and other fine rugs, and their long term upkeep is a bit different.

Understanding Finer Rugs

Made by hand and using weaving and knotting, fine rugs are also carefully crafted of materials like wool, silk and cotton.

These are materials proven to be very durable over the years, and centuries, but they just shouldn’t be exposed to the same conditions as modern synthetics (common in most wall to wall carpeting).

As the experts say, though, maintaining even the finest works of art does not require a huge amount of maintenance, but does demand some regular upkeep.

A Good Schedule for Care

If you want to know how often you should clean your rugs, you first have to consider a few things:

  • Did you put that rug in an area of heavy foot traffic?
  • Is it exposed to pets, dirt and debris from outside, a lot of moisture and sunlight?
  • What is the main material of the rug?

Why would these things determine how often you should clean your rugs? While most professionals would tell you that you should bring in the rug (or let them come and collect it at your home or office) every three to five years, if it is exposed to a lot of dirt and wear, cleanings must be more frequent.

Preserving Color, Beauty and Value

The professional cleaning is going to maintain the colors and also eliminate dirt that can cause fibers to break down faster. It is a great way to restore the pile and be sure that any stains are addressed before they become permanent. Also keep in mind that professionals might use techniques you think you could handle (dusting and/or vacuuming, washing with a balanced shampoo, and rinsing), the treatments are much more complex.

For example, you could find a shampoo and a machine equivalent to experts, but it is only professionals that can safely extract the moisture after cleaning. They can then remove odors, treat stains, and apply safe stain guards. They might also be able to handle small repairs to sides and fringe in order to eliminate any major issues from developing.

There is a lot more to cleaning a fragile or valuable rug than an occasional vacuum and spot treatment. Turning to professionals on a regular basis (at least once every three years if the rug has no stains) is best.

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