How to Repair Silk Rug Damage


Rugs, by their very nature, are supposed to be durable. They sit beneath our feet and must withstand decades, even centuries, of everyday traffic, wear and tear and an array of materials tracked in on shoes. They can be designed as both decoration and as a sort of shield for the flooring beneath, and yet there are some rugs that are so fine as to be works of art.Even though you may use your valuable silk rugs, you don’t want them to become damaged, and so you face the dilemma of how best to care for them.

Understanding that using them in heavily trafficked areas exposes them to risk is usually one reason that fine silk rugs are often in lesser used areas. Yet, even they can be damaged. In this article, we’ll discover the best steps to take if your silk rug has sustained some of the most common types of damages, and even how to avoid such risks in the future.

Regular Maintenance and Cleaning Are Your Best Defense

Are you using a schedule of regular maintenance and cleaning for your valuable rugs? Whether they are wall to wall carpets or precious rugs from exotic regions of the world, you can spare them many damages by simply doing once or twice annual maintenance and repair. This is best done by professionals who may come to your home and clean them with the proper techniques and suggest repairs for any early signs of damage. They may even point out a better location for a more delicate rug to ensure wear and tear are reduced.

The ultimate goal of regular maintenance and cleaning are to prevent damages or stop any early deterioration, but that does not always work. If damages should occur, there are some key steps to take.

Note that the most common repairs for silk rug damage tend to emphasize the ends and the sides as they can fray and lead to unraveling. However, the formation of holes from water damage and even insects are quite common, too. The fringe can also deteriorate and this also an issue you should not ignore because it too can lead to unraveling and further degrading of the rug.

Next Steps After Damage Occurs

Whether or not you are doing regular upkeep, you always want to have the contact number for a reliable and professional rug expert on hand. They should be your first step if the rug has actually been damaged. Don’t wait to get in touch if you think the issue is minor, because even the smallest tear or damage is going to worsen as time passes. The sooner they can make an actual repair, the better the long term conditions for the rug.

Work With Experts

Really, it could be said that the best way for learning how to repair silk rug damage is to simply have the contact information of a trusted expert. Get them to do your regular checkups and cleanings and they can usually find problems before they appear!

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