Which Type of Rug Is Easiest to Clean?


The Characteristics Are Key

Of course, you cannot just base your answer to this question on the materials because rugs also have characteristics like their weave and construction that might make them more or less easy to clean, too.

For instance, rugs can be flatweave and that means dirt and debris may not be able to make their way into the “pile” of the rug. As an example, a flat sisal rug may hold all of the debris on the surface and you can sweep it away or use a vacuum to remove it. However, there are also rugs with pile, and this is “visible tufts of yarn on a rug’s surface. In other words, the pile is the face of the rug. Rug pile can be cut or left in loops, thick or thin, soft or coarse.”

Pile Makes Cleaning Tricky

When a rug has a deep pile or pile that has been designed to have texture (such as a frieze, twist pile or carved pile rug), it can be incredibly difficult to clean. Vacuums may work but the depth of the pile can trap an array of dirt and debris.

Shaggy rugs are some of the most challenging to clean because their long fibers are able to really capture a tremendous amount of material and they need a strong vacuum to pull it from the lowest area.

Think Traffic, Too

When you are looking to find a rug that is easiest to clean, you need to consider its material and the pile, but also think about traffic. If you are using a rug in an area where foot traffic is heaviest, it is a rug that may have a lot of material ground into its fibers. Because of that, you should choose materials that are easiest to clean – even when they are exposed to daily dirt and wear.

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If you look at some of the best materials for rugs in general, that list would have to include wool, silk and cotton. For centuries, these have been the preferred choices. Which of them is easiest to clean? Cotton is known to be best if you want a rug that is easiest to clean and maintain.

However, both wool and silk can be safely cleaned by experts, and offer some of the most durable and long wearing rugs.

The key is to use a regular schedule of cleanings and upkeep to ensure that even serious stains don’t become an issue. Doing this ensures that the type of rug easiest to clean is the rug right in your home!

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