How to Choose the Right Carpet for Stairs


There are many parts of our home that we use more than others, and we might also never realize how much wear and tear we put on these commonly used areas. Take the stairs in the home. We use them many times per day, and we need them to be safe, sturdy and visually appealing; making it tough to easily choose the ideal carpeting for the stairs.

The Factors to Consider in Choosing Carpet for Stairs

While you might read or hear that stairs are more often carpeted than not, that is not the case. Just as many homes and buildings leave stairs without carpeting. However, these stairs may have special edges to make them safer or they may be painted to prevent them from looking worn. If you are picking new carpet for stairs or putting down carpeting on a stairway for the first time, there are some factors you should consider:

  • What style is the rest of the home and the stairwell?
  • What colors will work best?
  • What sort of texture is right for the stairs?
  • Do you need a more durable carpet, or one that is thicker than most?
  • Will it be difficult to install around the railings or the edges of the stairs?

As you can see, there are a lot of decision making factors when selecting carpet for stairs, but these are not the only considerations.

Safety and Carpet for Stairs

For one thing, many people who have lived with hardwood or uncarpeted stairs find that they slip and slide too easily, and when there are seniors or kids in the home, the lack of carpeting can actually increase risks for falls.

So, if you are considering carpet for stairs, consider how much more safe those stairs will be with the carpet. You don’t even have to choose a full carpeting but can have a runner professionally installed, instead.

When thinking of safety, though, you also have to consider the overall quality and weave of the carpet. This is because a cheaply made carpet prone to runs and loose threads is almost as dangerous as slippery, bare floors. Because of that, also think about the way the carpet is made and opt for those that lose single threads rather than long stretches of wool or weaving.

The Durability of Stair Carpeting

Finally, you need to also consider how long that rug needs to last. Investing in the right quality, weave and style (wall to wall or runner) is one thing, but also consider investing in good pads to reduce wear. Remember too that you need a carpet able to withstand years of heavy traffic, but that a thicker carpet may not be the best choice. After all, as it wraps over the front of the stair, the thicker carpet can create slipping or sliding hazard.

Durability also means resistance to soiling, and you will want to find a rug that can be treated or easily cleaned without losing its strength, color or character.

Though you may want to start out by choosing the print or style, use these other factors first as they can steer you towards the best options.

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