Restoring a Rug Fringe


The fringe on your rug is actually more important than you may realize – the fringe is actually composed of the warp threads that form the foundation of your rug. Handmade Oriental rugs always have a fringe that is an integral part of the rug, and if the fringe becomes too worn or damaged, the rug may actually begin to unravel. Wool and silk rugs generally have a cotton backing, which means that the fringe is also cotton, and unfortunately this will show dirt and be more likely to be wear than will the rug itself.Oriental rugs, whether antique or modern, are among the most prized and expensive rugs, and always have a fringe. If you have noticed damage to your rug’s fringe, resist the urge to simply give the fringe a ‘haircut’; this will just make it more likely that unravelling will occur. Call NYCleaners to handle oriental rug fringe, and save your rug from further harm.

Fringe Repair and Restoration

There are several approaches to dealing with a damaged fringe, and the skilled artisans at NYCleaners will assess the problem and deal with it professionally.

  • Unravelling can be halted by using the buttonhole stitch to stop the process.
  • Lost pile from unravelling can be repaired by re-knotting the damaged area.
  • New fringe can also be woven into badly damaged spots.
    Although a new fringe can simply be sewn onto the rug once any unravelling has been dealt with, we recommend that this not be used on antique rugs, as it will affect the rug’s value negatively.

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