What to Do with Worn-Out Rugs


The very beauty of Oriental rugs has ensured that even very old and worn rugs are still valued and treasured. However, there are limits as to how much ‘personality’ a worn rug may be projecting. If you find that your fine Oriental rug has become so worn that it looks shabby, you’ll be pleased to know that NYCleaners can help restore the its beauty.

Repairing and Restoring Worn-Out Rugs

At NYCleaners we understand exactly how to repair and restore your worn-out rugs. Worn and damaged Oriental rugs, as well as handmade contemporary rugs, can be restored to their former condition.

  • Fringes are made of the same material as the backing, generally cotton, and they can easily become worn thin from foot traffic. We can repair the worn fringe and prevent unraveling of the carpet itself.
  • Worn areas are common on older Oriental rugs, but re-knotting of the pile by skilled artisans can repair this.
  • Very old rugs can have actual holes in them, not only detracting from the rug’s appearance, but lowering its value. Restoration of a rug with holes is a project for the most skilled of rug professionals, and involves reweaving the backing and then hand-knotting the pile to match the color and fiber of the original.

No one should ever think of a worn-out rug as a hopeless cause; it only takes skill, professional services, and the appropriate materials to restore your rug. In addition to repairs and restoration, NYCleaners can also offer you premium rug cleaning services at our state-of-the-art facility to not only clean your rug, but also to help prevent further damage.

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