Understanding Carpet and Rug Pile


There is actually more to carpet pile than you may think, and the type of pile that your new oriental rug or carpet has will make a difference as to how long your carpet will last and how difficult it will be to keep clean.

  • Low pile carpets are only about a quarter of an inch high.
  • Medium pile rugs and carpets can range up to half an inch in height.
  • High pile means that the fibers are between half and three quarters of an inch, with some shag carpets having even longer fibers.

Keeping your rug or carpet clean, regardless of pile length, can be difficult, and while regular vacuuming will help, there will come a time when your floor covering needs the attention of NYCleaners to look its best.

Pile Type Affects Wear

All pile types have their advantages and disadvantages, and understanding these can make your oriental rug or carpet a better ‘fit’ for your home.

Low and medium pile carpet have a denser, tighter weave than high pile ones. They are easier to keep clean and are generally very durable. These rugs and carpets are perfect where there will be a lot of foot traffic and also if there are pets; dander and pet hair doesn’t get caught in these carpets as easily. They are, however, not as comfortable underfoot.

High pile rugs have a softer, more luxurious feel to them. These rugs are not as easily flattened as are short pile rugs, but are easier to maintain in homes where they will not get a lot of use.
Regardless of the length of pile you decide best fits your situation, all rugs and carpets will, in time, begin to look dingy and dirty.

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