Old Versus New: Oriental Rugs


You love the character and charm that a rug can add to the room. The warmth and color of an oriental carpet speaks for itself. Whether you are a long-standing rug buyer, or a brand new collector, these tips will help you decide if an antique, or just made rug is right for you and your family.

What are the benefits of an antique oriental rug?

An older carpet takes considerable craftsmanship and expertise to create. That is why they are often passed down as heirlooms or collector’s items. When you purchase a historical rug, you can be more assured of quality. Those are the pros. The cons include the extra effort needed to carefully maintain the rug if it is delicate, as well as the high price tag that may accompany such a purchase.

What about a newer rug?

One of the obvious differences with a more modern carpet is that it will likely be less expensive than an antique. Chances are also good that your new rug can handle much more before it succumbs to deterioration. But aren’t new rugs inauthentic and just replicas? Sometimes the true, actual colors are still used when the rug is created, which adds to the value. Depending on your purposes, the fact that your rug is modern may not compromise its beauty.

Only you can determine if an old or new rug is right for your home or office. Take into consideration why you are buying it, for what space, and what your budget is. One thing is certain, whether antique or new, when you entrust your carpet to NYCleaners, you can be sure it’s in good hands!

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