Coffee Stain on Your Rug? No Problem


Coffee Stains on Carpet

It happens so quickly, doesn’t it? You sit down on the couch, put down your coffee mug for one second, and all of the sudden the drink is everywhere – including on your oriental rug! But rest assured there are some tried and true solutions for removing coffee stains from your carpet quickly and easily.

Make sure to take into account what type of rug you have. If it is extremely old, valuable, or made of delicate material, you may want to skip these methods and bring it in to NYCleaners to take care of the spill right away. However, these ideas will work for most rugs, as long as you’re careful.

Do Not Waste Time

When a spill happens, time is of the essence. Get a rag and blot up any excess you can from the stain before it sets. Make sure not to rub as this can make the damage more permanent. If you have talcum powder or some kind of stain removing powder that is safe for your fabric, try spreading some of that on the affected area, then let it dry. At that point, you can vacuum it up.

Another combination to try that will be non-damaging for your rug is a little soap and warm water. Remember to only dab at the stain. Try to lift it out instead of pushing it further in. One other solution that often works is to add white vinegar. A good place to start would be a small amount, no more than a tablespoon, of the dish soap and vinegar, mixed with 2 cups of room temperature water.

Often, coffee stains can be removed by these simple methods. But if your spill requires an expert hand, be sure to call NYCleaners!

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