Why Professional Rug Cleaning Matters


When your rug starts to show a little wear, tear, and dirt, it’s time for a cleaning. Some may object to a professional job. However, let’s examine how expert rug cleaning can save you time and keep your carpets looking fabulous.

Professional Cleaning Will Save you Time

Withe the professional cleaning of NYCleaners you do not need to waste any of your time. We understand that your life is full of activity, and you may not have the option of slowing down to bring your rug to our facility. That is exactly the reason why NYCleaners does it for you. We will arrive to your place, pick up your oriental rug, clean it, and return it in excellent condition. No need to concern yourself with the extra minutes, we will handle it.

Professional Cleaning Will Save you Money

Although DIY projects are gaining popularity, one place that they should not be attempted is on your oriental rug.  Accidents can occur quite easily with crucial damage to the fabric. Such accidents may reduce the value of your rug if the damage cannot be repaired. While it is usually safe to clean up spills and vacuum your carpet, it’s important to leave the deep cleaning to those who are trained to handle antique materials.

Our experts understand the age and value of your rug, and know how to soap, rinse and dry it to perfection. When you allow NYCleaners to care for your carpet, you can be assured that it will remain bright and fresh without any damage.

Entrusting your rug to our team will not only save you headaches and hours, but grant you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your fabric is being safely and gently handled. Professional carpet cleaning can make the difference between a carpet that is mediocre and one that is a work of art.

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