Rolled up oriental rugs

Going somewhere new, and want to take your rugs with you? It’s important that your carpet stays in prime condition, even after a move. So here’s a few tips to keep in mind when a new apartment or home is your destination.

Understand the Value of Your Rug

The first thing to do is understand what your rug is worth. Some prefer to have their rug evaluated by a trained eye, others know off the top of their head what its value is. The important thing to avoid is your rug arriving to its new home damaged. You can simply make the moving company aware that you knew the value of your rug before it was transported.
Another important step is to get your rug cleaned with NYCleaners before it is packed away. We will take care of any lingering dirt, debris or spills on your carpet, making sure it arrives at the destination looking brand new.

Wrap Your Rug for Shipping

When actually packing your rug, be sure to roll it, not just lay it anywhere! You should research if your particular fabric should be rolled face up or down; it can vary with material and backing. Secure it enough that it will not come loose during transportation, but too firmly will cause the carpet to be bent in awkward directions.

Your rug should be rolled slowly on a completely stable surface and kept in place with yarn or string. Make sure to wrap it in some type of rug plastic or paper to prevent any debris from entering, and keep a close eye on the weather, as too much heat can be a problem for the fabric.

May you and your oriental rug have a happy moving experience, and be kept clean by NYCleaners!