What Value Does an Oriental Rug Add?


Owning an antique or oriental rug can require some special care and handling, as well as a long search for the perfect one with the right patterns and colors. So why is it worth it to own this type of carpet? What impressions do they make for your house or apartment?Oriental rugs are made in various countries around the world, including India, Iran, China, and many others. A rug that was produced in such a place, and then traveled all the way to your home gives a cultural context to the room it resides in, as well as the rest of the house. It boasts a historic and colorful background, announcing to all who view it that it has come from a distinct and contrasting area. If your rug is an antique, it is also an investment, and becomes even more valuable.

Ancient rugs such as these lend comfort and class to a room, as well. They are vibrantly decorated, and often made of thick, supple material. They give an impression of extreme ease and relaxation, making them perfect for living rooms with fireplaces, libraries, or any area of the house that needs some extra style. Since they do take some time to locate and buy, it will also be obvious to your guests that you have superior taste.

And if you are concerned about the maintenance of your carpet, leave it to us! At NYCleaners, we will gently clean and handle your fabric, keeping it in prime condition, ready for visiting friends and family members. Your oriental rug will make an amazing impression.

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