How to Identify Agra Rugs?

Antique Agra Rug in living Room

To properly identify an Agra rug, you need to know about its designs, patterns, weaving techniques and how they differ from other rugs.

Agra Rugs Designs and Patterns

Being familiar with Agra rug designs and patterns is an integral part of identifying them. These rugs combine the grace and splendor of the reputed Persian antique rug designs with their own original and unique themes. On these rugs, you can observe designs of spiraling vines. These vines usually combine with depiction of people in hunting activities and even animals such as elephants and birds.
Woven exclusively for the Mughal emperors, a very popular and fashionable Agra rug design comprises rows of flowers (particularly rose and lotus) in vases. This particular design can be commonly found in floral Persian rugs. Reputed weavers of Agra excelled at vegetable dyeing and created their own distinctive and rich palette of color.
Back in the day, Agra rugs boasted a large amount of gold blended with soft mid-tone blue color. The weavers also make use of a broad range of soft red, lavender and pink tones. Even today, these color combinations give most of the Agra rugs a light and unearthly appearance that is visually appealing and looks very beautiful in any home.

Agra Rugs Weaving Techniques

Agra rugs make use of the asymmetrical knot (also called the Persian knot) with foundations and pile of cotton, silk and wool.

The sizes of the knots in the Agra rugs are usually large and the pile is considerably higher in contrast to most of the fine rugs. Moreover, owing to the high pile, there is a lot of wool used in every Agra rug.

Although, the knots size is quite large and the knots per square inch is lower, the stitch is considerably dense and tight in Agra rugs.

With around two thousands knots per square inch in some of the Agra rugs, the weaving is quite dense. Agra Rugs borrow a lot of elements from Persian carpets. However, the unique color and design is what sets them apart from the Persian designs.

Differences Between Agra Rugs and Other Similar Rugs

The fewer contrasting colors and emboldened patterns is the primary differentiating factor between Agra rugs and other rugs and carpets.

In addition, Agra rugs usually have less detail and bigger patterns than most of the other area rugs. There is often a stark contrast between the center and border of the Agra oriental rugs. Normally, if the Agra Rug features a central motif, it will not be a separate pattern which is different from the rest of the rug.  A general pattern has a certain degree of symmetry to it, if not a perfect symmetry. This is an Agra rug’s noticeable characteristic that makes it different from other rugs. 

Moreover, when compared to other similar rugs, many of the Agra area rugs are significantly large and relatively cheaper.
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