What is an Agra Rug?

Antique Agra Rug

Where exotic and antique rugs are all the rage, Indian rugs are gaining more popularity with time. One of the most popular and very beautiful types of rugs, Agra rug, is a unique piece brimming with antiqueness and originality.

Origins of Agra Rug

The Agra rug has its origins from the city of the famous monument Taj Mahal in Agra. Agra has an extensive history of carpet weaving since the sixteenth century. The Mughal Art flourished in Agra, leading to the growing carpet industry in the sixteenth century.  

In the nineteenth century, as the carpet industry revived under British rule, the Mughal tradition of the carpet weaving got a new lease on life.

Materials and Texture

Agra rugs are usually woven with wool, but you can also find them in cotton material. Older Agra rugs, especially from the Mughal era, are very rare to find. They are either found in fragments, re-sized, or heavily restored. The weight of the Agra rug is significant in identifying how older it is. The older and rare Agra rugs have a comparatively less thick pile; the new Agra rugs are heavier.

The weaving of Agra Rug

Mughal emperors had a great liking for the Persian art and styles, which is seen in the rugs and carpets from their era.  Most Agra rugs are made using Persian weaving techniques. Interestingly the first Mughal Emperor spent his time in Persia in exile and became more fond of the Persian art, which the Emperors afterward became connected to. As a result, Persian weaving techniques became a trademark of Agra rugs.

Designs and Colors

Agra rugs are similar to Persian rugs radiating the traditional antiqueness with grandeur and grace.  They are available in a wide variety of designs, colors, sizes, and compositions.

The designs often include open fields with smaller medallions and patterns. But you can find Agra rugs that have patterns woven all-over them. Agra rugs usually have backgrounds rich with blues, olive greens, tans, fawns, and other earthy colors. However, Agra rugs also have fields with red or other bright colors.

Designs and Colors

Agra rugs are available in almost all sizes. But the most common size is 9 X 12. Agra rugs are the heaviest of Indian rugs and have a longer pile too.  The longer pile and heavy-weight make Agra rugs the most durable, long-lasting, and very gorgeous to decorate your homes with.

Where to Find Agra rugs  in NYC

There are several places you can find an Agra Rug in NYC. Many Indian stores in NYC import high-quality antique rugs from Agra and other parts of India directly. Premium Agra rugs are being manufactured in the city of the Taj Mahal, carrying on the ancestry of Mughal art and carpet weaving.

Agra rugs are very similar to Persian rugs, but vary as they have more earthy colors and smaller patterns than the regular Persian carpets. They are one of the heaviest types and are very durable and long-lasting for use.

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