How to Identify Kilim Rugs?

Antique Turkish Kilim Rug

Kilim rugs are one of the most unique and gorgeous rugs available to decorate your homes. If you think rugs and carpets need to have a heavy and thicker pile, then you certainly have not seen a Kilim rug before. Rugs usually have designs and an overall touch of Persian art. If you do not have a good know-how of different types of rugs, you might get a little confused differentiating between them as all of them share the same heritages along the way.

Weaving Techniques

The main thing to notice in a rug is its weaving technique. Regardless of what material or texture Kilim rug is made of, its weaving technique is always unique, making it class apart from the other rugs.

Usually, the design of rugs is made by individual short strands of different colors that are knotted on the warps and held together by pressing the wefts very tightly. But Kilim rugs are pile-less and have different weaving of warps and wefts.

Kilim antique rugs are made by tightly interweaving the weft and warp strands to produce a flat surface that has no pile. When you look at the other rugs, you will see that they have both horizontal and vertical weft strands visible. Unlike other rugs, Kilim rugs have tapestry weaves, which are also called weft-faced placed weaves. To follow the typical kilim weave pattern the horizontal weft strands are tightly pulled downwards, and the so the vertical warp strands are hidden.

Most of the Kilim rugs are made out of wool. The hidden warps strands are either wool or cotton. The cotton strands highlight specific colors in the overall design. The warps strands are visible at the end, where they form the fringes of the rug. The fringe is tied in bunches so that strands do not loosen or unwind.

Kilim Colors

Oriental rugs come in a variety of colors, rug designs, and rug patterns. Most Oriental rugs, especially those of Indian origin, come in bright colors or multi-colors. Kilim rugs are commonly found in earthy colors like blue, olive-green, mauve, and tans. Although Kilim rugs are different from Indian rugs in colors, you can still find a few Kilim rugs in bright colors like red or orange.

Kilim Motifs and Patterns

Kilim rugs have a variety of Turkish-styled motifs. The classic traditional motifs are illustrated on Kilim rugs, creating beautiful patterns and rug disease. The Turkish motifs in Kilim rugs are geometrical and create beautiful symmetry.  Kilim rugs do not have floral motifs, circular patterns, and anything that’s wavy or curvy.

Final Word

Kilim rugs are very different from the other oriental rugs. They are pile-less and have a flat-weave surface. The designs and patterns mainly consist of classic Turkish motifs. Kilim rugs are commonly found in earthy colors than in bright colors.

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