How to Decorate Your House with Beautiful Rugs


When entering a space, oftentimes the first two things we notice are the walls and the furniture. This helps us understand the overall style of the space. At a quick glance, you can tell if the room has a classic style, bohemian style or modern style, for instance. Often, we neglect to notice what is on the floor. Hardwood, tile or carpet can really help enhance the beauty and style of a room. In addition to the overall look of a room, a thoughtfully placed rug can add a new visual element and even act as a focal point. There are a lot of creative ways you can use a rug.

Pop of Color

For a more streamlined look, many choose to design using neutral colors. In the design world, this is like having a blank slate. Imagine a living room with light grey painted walls, a light oatmeal colored leather sectional sofa, white faux fur throw pillows and two dark brown leather accent chairs. The coffee table and end tables are glass and the art behind the sofa has tone of brown, white and grey. The space on its own is comfortable and the color story is clear.

The only problem is everything blends in together. Your eye does not know what to look at first and therefore glazes over the other decorative pieces. There is an element that could help take this room to the next level of design. Adding a rug that has a color like burnt orange or dark green can make the eye focus on that and then gradually take in all of the other elements. You could even add a lamp or accent pillow that contains that same color as the rug to make it look even more cohesive.


In the bedroom it can be difficult to find a style that suits your mood. Do you want the space to be invigorating or calm and peaceful? Do you want to feel inspired or relaxed? Some of us want the versatility to have our bedrooms make us feel however we feel on any given day. A great way to do this and not pay a fortune on redecorating every time is to buy accent rugs with specific patterns.

Straight lines are cleaner and calming, swirling lines foster a more creative environment. Graphic images may inspire and entertain. If you have neutral bed linens and curtains, you can throw any funky, chill or bright rug under the bed or next to it to add a piece of the element you are looking for. It is a quick way to switch up the style without breaking the bank or spending a whole weekend redecorating.

Adding a rug to a space adds a special element to any room. When planning a space, the walls and furniture tend to take up the most energy. Try to remember how easy, cheap and convenient it can be to add a beautiful rug to enhance the design.

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