3 Reasons to Start Decorating with Dark Carpets


Decorating a room can be a lot of fun. There are so many different combinations, elements and materials to choose from and combine. Once you know the general style you are going for, you can get to work creating the space of your dreams. Adding accent design elements like lamps, artwork, tables and sculptures can add a lot of dimension and variety.

Rugs can also provide a unique aesthetic appeal to a space because they can both look and feel great. Many have trouble committing to an area rug or wall-to-wall carpet. Why? It is because they cannot decide which color or texture to choose. There are so many different options to choose and that can discourage making a choice. There is a constant back and forth over which one is perfect for the space.

As a default, when most give up and go with the least risky option, they end up with a light, neutral colored carpet. There are more possibilities available but it is what is commonly accepted. Darker colored rugs offer a lot of advantages. There are three very compelling ones that are worth considering.


A darker colored carpet is going to hide stains better than a lighter colored carpet. If you go and invest hundreds or thousands of dollars in a wall to wall carpet that is off white and four days after you install it, Cousin Nick comes over and spills red wine on top of the spaghetti he already dropped, you will be so upset. The beautiful carpet will have a blemish even after you spend too much getting it professionally cleaned. If you have a dark colored rug like chestnut brown or dark grey, the stain would not be as visible. You could clean it yourself with a $5 bottle of carpet cleaner from the store around the corner and continue to enjoy your precious family time.


Dark colored rugs are emerging on the scene as a great way to add an unexpected accent to a room. It is considered upscale and posh. Having a rich, deep dark toned rug will add a feeling of luxury and elegance to a space. It also naturally makes you feel more relaxed. Plush, deep, rich colored carpets can bring a depth that cannot be achieved with a sofa or new set of lamps. You can pair the rug with lighter colored furniture and wall paint if you are worried about the room feeling cramped.


We naturally associate darker colors with warmth and comfort. Having a plush, dark colored rug in your home can be inviting and even encourage family and guests to recline on the floor. Reclining in this manner encourages more relaxed conversations and interactions, and benefits the whole family.

While darker tones are not yet the most popular option for carpet colors, dark colored carpets are quickly becoming a welcome addition to homes everywhere because of their luxurious comfort and inviting tone.

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