3 Advantages of Using Wall to Wall Carpet


Every home needs to have a sense of comfort. Our homes are our respites, our sanctuaries from the hectic world, and a place of calm when life gets too busy. Adding comfort to a home can be done in several ways, but one of the most effective is by adding wall to wall carpeting. Here are a few of the advantages of doing so.

You Have a lot of Choices

Carpeting is not monolithic by any means. There may be more choices than you realize. Nylon is one of them. It is known for being tough under fire and it can take a punch. It is one of the most resilient carpeting fabrics available. It is also good with taking different color dyes, so nylon wall to wall carpet can come in a vast array of color choices.

Polypropylene is another carpeting favorite. Its primary advantage is the color will never fade. Because the material is incapable of absorbing water, it must be dyed with a solution. This causes the dye to be a permanent fixture in the carpet, giving you color that will last for years and years.

Wool may be on the expensive side, but for many applications, it’s worth the money. The natural toughness of wool makes it last long and look good in the process. After wool is washed, it literally can return to the way it looked when brand new. So getting a wool carpet will allow you to completely refresh the entire space each time you wash your wall to wall carpeting.

Polyester isn’t the toughest material, but for an area like the master bedroom, it could be just right. The colors in polyester carpets really pop out, ready to compliment other features you would like to emphasize in a room. It is also very soft, which makes it fun to chill out and relax on.

They Are More Healthy

Wall to wall carpeting, contrary to popular belief, actually helps reduce the amount of allergens in the air affecting people who experience allergies. Studies show the number of allergens in the air drops by a factor of four times what it would normally be without wall to wall carpeting. However, you have to clean the carpet regularly because as it gets progressively dirtier, it can start to house allergens.

You Can Save Money

When you compare the cost per square foot of carpeting (with the possible exception of wool) to hardwood or tile flooring, carpeting is going to save you considerable money. It has also insulating properties the make the room hold heat better in the winter and keep cool in the summer. This results in energy savings for your home.

So, whether you want wall to wall carpeting for the look, the feel, for health benefits, or to save some money, there are ample reasons to go ahead and get it installed. With the variety of fabrics like nylon, polypropylene, wool, and polyester, you are bound to find the texture and comfort you need.

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