How to Choose a Rug for your Floor Type and Color


Having beautiful floors in a home is very inviting. The whole process of picking out the perfect material for the floor for each room and laying it down is a lot of fun and also takes a lot of time. When you finish, it provides a sense of accomplishment and completion. Before you place the furniture and have everything set up nicely on these new beautiful floors, it is important to think about protecting them. Having a rug placed underneath furniture can help do this. The only problem is, you will be covering your beautiful new floors. Finding the perfect rug to enhance the beauty of your flooring is the perfect solution.

Consider the Style

If you have decorated your home and incorporated a specific style, you want to make sure the rug goes along with that style. Having a beautiful, sprawling marble floor and then adding a shag rug will cheapen the look of the marble floor and the two elements come from two completely different styles. Now imagine if you put a bearskin rug on the marble floor, the rug would serve to enhance the luxuriousness of the marble and make the space a lot more enticing. That is the power having a rug that matches the existing style of a room.

Consider the Pattern

Adding a rug on top of an existing floor has other complications to think about. If, for example, the floor you painstakingly laid down is a beautiful mosaic, adding another layer can easily make or break the look of the entire space. If you decided to add an oriental rug with an ornate, busy design, the pattern of the rug could conflict with the pattern of the mosaic floor pattern. This will cause confusion to the eye and lose the beautiful effect of the mosaic pattern underneath. If you decided to go with a more subdued, neutral rug, the focus would still be on the mosaic floor. You would still protect your floor without detracting from its beauty.

Consider the Function

Think about the space and how it will be used. If you are placing carpet in a high traffic location, then you will want a rug that will last long and wear well under foot. A lower pile may be a better choice than a longer pile. A rug’s pile is the density of the fibers. Pile height refers to the thickness of a rug measured from the surface of the rug to its backing. The shorter the pile height, the easier it is to clean and the higher the density, the longer it will last. If you are placing a rug in an area with light foot traffic, it may be a good choice to select a rug with a higher pile.

Placing a rug over a beautiful floor is a great way to protect it but you always run the risk of detracting from it’s beauty when you cover it with a rug. Take time and think about the rug’s style, pattern and function to help you make a good choice.

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