The Dos and Don’ts of Choosing an Oriental Rug


An oriental rug can add an element of beauty to a room that is nearly impossible to match with any other type of addition. The class, the feel, and even the durability of oriental rugs make them worth every penny. Also, an oriental rug is a major purchase that must be done carefully. Here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind while in the process of purchasing an oriental rug.

Do Measure and Decide on Size Before You Start Shopping

Walking into an oriental rug showroom can be a pleasant, but jarring, shock to the senses. You are surrounded by varieties of stunning rugs from a vast selection of locations, and you may end up quickly falling in love with a rug that simply is not the right size for your room. However, if you take careful measurements and make firm decisions regarding the size of the rug before you go into the showroom, you will be able to instantly eliminate the ones that aren’t right and nominate those that may fit.

Don’t Just Start Shopping Using Your Gut

Buying an oriental rug should have at least as much pragmatic thought behind it as buying new hardwood floors. Not only will it involve considerable expense, but there is a commitment factor that has a sense of permanence nearly as tangible as that of getting new hardwood floors. Use not just common sense but design sense. You may even opt to get professional advice from an interior designer. Some will do a consultation for very little money, during which they can make some suggestions that you can take with you into the showroom.

Do Decide What Matters Most to You Before Shopping

The price of oriental rugs differs according to a few different factors: age, quality, condition, country of origin, and how desirable the pattern is. You can get something that is very modern and cutting edge, or you can opt for a rug that’s more traditional. Perhaps the country of origin has particular significance to you. Do you want an older rug? How concerned are you about the quality of the rug? These are all things you need to think about beforehand and prioritize.

Don’t Just Base Your Decision According to Price

When it comes to oriental rug shopping, a lot of assumptions are made. Those that are looking to save money may think the prices of some rugs are artificially inflated and therefore refuse to pay that much. Others may assume “you get what you pay for” and refuse to pay less than X amount for a rug of a given size. These are baseless decision models. Once you decide what’s important to you, you will know what to look for in the showroom.

Once you have an idea what you want and have measured out the space for the rug, you are ready to start making decisions. If you are prepared, the trip to the showroom will be straightforward and much more likely to yield the perfect oriental rug for your home.

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